Suzana Perrez is a new fashion brand of exclusive beachwear. Distinguished by high quality materials and elaborate ornaments, its first collection of beachwear and loungewear captivates with vivid colours and alluring prints. Our latest designs feature exquisite kimonos with a statement sequin patch at the back and a floaty maxi dress in four colour options. These creations channel the reminiscence of a never-ending summer while giving the sensation of sun-kissed skin caressed by the floating material gently moved by the sea breeze. The love of the beach, the sun and the sea pronounced into fabulously designed kimonos.

Discover our kimono collection made of highest quality materials with feather-light sequin adornments at the back. Fancy and stylish, the kimono will fit as a beach cover-up, an easy-going fashionable loungewear piece to unwind and relax at home or as a summer boho party dress. Make it your statement piece and wear our creations as an expression of your personal style, your holiday mood and as a message you choose to convey. Indulge and enjoy!

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